How to choose the right color scheme? Here all the answers!

How do you choose a color scheme that is perfect for your home? What do you do? How do you put colors together? Here’s all the answers!

It’s more common than you think: how do you choose the right color for your home? All our homes are full with furniture and items we have been collecting over the years.

Thousands of different accessories, witnesses of our glorious past, which, however, often contribute in creating a supermarket style home.

Now you find yourself whitening and you want to be sure to choose a color scheme that will settle and balance everything, instead of the reverse.

But where do you start from, to understand what are the perfect colors to rebalance and put together everything you have in your home? A very useful starting point is the floor.

Oh yeah, because it is the most important element of the home, being the basis of all our spaces. By finding the right colors that accompany the floor you have already done half of the work.

Today I want to make you a real example: let’s start from (unfortunately, because it’s really ugly) our home floor. A common ceramic, neutral and somewhat anonymous. One of the basics you can find in all technical specifications, more or less.

Let’s see how to give it some honor with four different color schemes.


(1) Linen curtain Rimini | fabrics (5–6–7) Panama, Goa e Delilah |

Basic color schemes among to choose are many, each one will allow you to get completely different styles. Let’s start with a classic scheme: neutral and monochrome.

Starting from the greige (a beige and gray mix) floor, I chose colors close one another in the color circle. They are all similar colors (they differ because lighter or darker) but neutral, which create a classic and timeless environment.

However, if you have a bleached oak parquet or a porcelain stoneware (like photos 3 and 4), the scheme is equally applicable (just like the others). This is because they are all chosen to match natural and neutral floors, perfect companions of almost every style.

Beige linen curtains and floral / geometric fabrics to decorate every room. A brown fabric sofa or a textile bed in the same color would be the perfect protagonist of an environment with these colors.


(1) Curtain Ninni Rund by Ikea | Fabric (5–6–7) Manila, Panama, twist |

We climb the difficulties and begin to investigate the field of bold color schemes. Let’s move on to a scheme of cold and contrasting colors. What does it mean contrasting? It means that if we look at the color circle, these shades lie opposite each other because they are the opposite of each other..

It is best not to exaggerate using these colors in the various rooms, but rather dosing them as accents here and there. In this way, the final effect will be incredible.

The floors are a fixed point, what changes is the rest: Ikea’s gray curtains, accompanied by accessories in energetic colors. Don’t you have a boost of energy seeing these colors?


(1) Grey cotton curtain by Maison du Monde | Fabrics (5–6–7) Suede, Dandelion, Flavia |

Lovers of heat and energy, this one is for you! A warm red and a lively yellow-orange to bring the sun to your house. A perfect scheme especially for rooms exposed to the north, poor in light and heat.

I always recommend these strong colors in pillows, carpets .. But if you’re brave, why not opt for a red leather couch? Or a floral carpet, to give a decorative touch to the room.

This scheme has warm colors for protagonists, but close each other in the color circle: this creates a harmonious and always successful pattern, given the great interconnection among the colors.


(1) Printed green curtian by Maison du Monde | Fabrics (5–6–7) Richmond, Autumn Leaves, Panama |

We end up with a scheme of saturated and lit colors, to create living rooms with a lot of energy. There is the freshness and flavor of the summer in this blue and green, declined in all aspects of the room.

From the urban jungle curtain, that we love, to the leafy fabric that is perfect for the pillows. What do you think of a turquoise bed?

Or a beautiful green carpet? This is definitely a color for those who are not afraid to change and dare, but the result will surely convince you!

See how many choices? Just give yourself some time to choose well and the game is done!