Infographics explain interior design: no more doubts

Friends of design and decoration enthusiasts, have you ever heard of infographics?

Infographic is a graphic work that combines information in a visual way, making arguments unmanageable even easy to understand and particularly exciting to read.

If you do a google search you will see immediately how many thousands of examples are there in the web for almost all topics that come to mind.

Let’s say you have a more pleasant form and certainly more statutory than cheatsheet!

Infographic and furnishing styles

If we think of interior design and furnishing it may seem difficult to create a meaningfull infographic, given the breadth of issues that you could choose …. but on the other hand, I have found a few that are amazing!

A topic on all is the more confusing: furniture styles and their placement in time.


What you see above summarizes all historical styles that you can remember, starting even from the Stone Age.

If you prefer something less writing and more figuratively, then these are for you.


Don’t you find them beautiful?

Just a glance, also fast, and definitely the basics have been received and stored.

But what are the tricks to create a perfect infographic?

First make an outline of the key points you want to stylize for the argument: it must be clear for you first, otherwise you will not reach the goal.

Once decided the key points that you want to explain, you have to try to convert them as much as possible in the form of symbols and drawings, helping you with arrows, diagrams, timelines and graphic symbols on the subject.

Colors do their part: choose a color palette and use it within your graphic work.

Online there are a lot of free programs also with ready-made templates to be changed according to your needs.

And if you already know how to use graphics programs, well then you will find a lot of free vector files that are right for you!