Micro balconies and micro homes: # 4 practical examples to be inspired

Micro homes and micro balconies: I want to show you some real examples, brilliant solutions from architects above the lines. It could be that they’ll convince you that dimensions don’t matter.

On Monday I told you a bit about how micro balconies can be transformed into spaces worthy of being experienced during the summer season. Because even if we have little space, we must not feel poor and demoralize ourselves.

We always have to look at the half full glass and make the best of what we have.

Since I know you’re a bunch of skeptics, maybe you think a handful of tips so randomly are not practical. So I thought of making a post a little throwback, tracing some of the micro homes I’ve talked you about.

You’ll never know that by seeing some realized projects, you can believe what I told you.


We start from Tel Aviv in a 55 sqm apartment. I think this is absolutely one of my favorite projects, for the boldness of the choices and the perfection of the end result.

The architect Maayan Zusman Interior Design has completely redesigned the house, succeeding in inserting a double bedroom and 2 bathrooms.

The glass cube dividing bedroom and study is a pearl: divided by transparent glass, but shielded to the need. But look at the balcony: it’s small of course, but very welcoming. Small furnishings, fit for small space and a tall plant that increases the sense of grandeur.

Maayan Zusman Interior Design


Let’s continue with a 40 sqm apartment in Moscow, designed by the Int2Architecture studio. A small temporary home for a young couple — this has allowed flexible and easy solutions to be dismantled.

The 70s style and the thousands of save-space ideas make this home truly amazing. There is a laundry room, a chalckboard wall and a study area worthy of the name.

What about the balcony? Small and with a veranda, it becomes a kind of ad hoc reading area: bookshelves and a tailor-made rack make the environment a little paradise to shelter.



Let’s move to Kiev and we continue to get down with the available square meters. The house was designed by Julia Trintsukova, who managed to give elegance, modernity and minimalism to this home for a young couple.

The space is very small and all the rooms are at sight, but for a young people is not a problem. Lots of cabinets, a container bed and a small console table to eat on.

But the true protagonist is the outer space: a real living room with a fireplace. Wonderful.

Julia Trintsukova


With this house we beat all records: 16 sqm. And it’s a Home Staging (Edward&Partners). So for all those who still believe that it is a useless service, think about it.

I challenge anyone: seeing these photos, wouldn’t you buy this house? It is microscopic, but is cured in every detail. Do we want to talk about the bed? I find it fantastic and I bet any young would struggle to live in such a home.

What about the outer space: small furniture but with the right measurements, pillows and accessories to make atmosphere. In short, all you need to feel at home.