Milan Design Week: let’s close the week with fireworks, in Tortona district

Valentina Di Roma

We close this Milan Design Week touring one of the coolest part of the town: Tortona area. Ready to rock?

We close this crazy week, stopping by in the area that is perhaps the emblem of Milan Design Week: Tortona area.

Design people, do you really want to miss this district? A frenzy of narrow streets, lots of people and party people that not always are there for design.

But since we are super-passionate, we don’t want lose the best that this area has to offer.

Events are so many, it would take a week just here; I have selected the three that I think deserve best (at least, these are the ones that I would see).

Ready to start?


Design Nomade is a show entirely curated and produced by BASE Milan, who questions the impact of phenomena such as neo-nomadic lifestyle, remote working, coworking … on design.

How objects and interiors change? What effects have freelancing and frequent traveling on society?
Star of the show the theme of hybrid and flexible spaces, half way between housing, leisure and business.
Nomads objects, analog and digital combinations, interconnected, agile, always wearable, suitable for our nomadic existences.

How objects and interiors change? What effects have freelancing and frequent traveling on society?


In via Tortona 31, we find the exhibition space by Archiproducts, which for the occasion has been completely redone in the look.

This week, shopping experience has a completely different connotation, for an event that will surprise visitors. Two focal points: the touchpoint of Archiproducts Shop and the installation ‘Elle Decor Concept Store. The New Shopping Experience‘ at Palazzo Bovara.

The starting point is the e-commerce: digital that has burst into our lives, changing the shops as we know them.

Online shopping is now a practice, a phenomenon with which to contend: how the showrooms will respond to this change? The touchpoint wants to be just that: a meeting point between physical and digital, in which products interact with visitors.

Through the app Archiproducts Scan, every object exhibited releases a ‘cookie’ containing information on features, variants, colors and prices. All information remains on the visitor’s device, which can then subsequently also deepen their knowledge of the product and purchase it online.

The Elle Decor concept store, instead, unfolds as a path that starts already at the entrance; you register through an interactive device that collects your personal information.

It continues with soft-touch windows to be seen with holographic glasses, a bar, a place to experience the light with digital interactions; real and virtual dressing rooms in which to try real or digitally various products.

The facade of the store has been conceived and designed by Serena Confalonieri, which draws Architypes, a geometric pattern composed of hundreds of lightweight aluminum chains KriskaDECOR gold, black, pink-copper and silver.


Of course you already know: Design Week = Superstudio Group. It is a must, you cannot go and you may not know where it is. If you don’t, run for cover.

The Superdesign Show is about design at 360 °: crafts, industrial design, objects for home and work , textiles …. nothing is missing.

This year’s events are the Materials Village, a real independent village that showcases the best innovative materials (by Material ConneXion Italy). To be seen the exhibition “New Materials for a Smart City”: an overview on innovative materials for the creation of intelligent cities.

It continues with the Temporary Museum, where Tokujin Yoshioka presents a futuristic artwork (a tapestry of light and color) on the occasion of LG 70th anniversary.

This year’s theme is color: Time To Color!, which powerfully proposes the desire for color, after an addiction to white, black and gray. On display various objects and projects, in which form and function are beautifully highlighted by colors explosions.

And if in the end all this focus to admire the most interesting news there has melted your brain, well you just have to throw yourself into the fray of Tortona area and every man for himself.
Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news |

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