Monthly readings: about books, design and minimal living

Valentina Di Roma

Are you looking for some serious readings for this month? Tutorials, practical guides or manuals to discover the world of design? Here is my monthly Top 3.

The world is full with books and readings, the point is to find those that we like and we’ll end up reading. Otherwise the fate of these books is to be put on the library to gather dust.

In this post, as always, I want to talk to you of three readings themed design / architecture (so for addicted), I first I put on the list of #toread.

Waiting to have those 10 seconds to devote to a book, here we g with the month findings.

LIVING WITH BOOKS by Giuseppe Molteni and Roberta Motta

Editor: Mondadori Electa

Living with books it’s a pleasure that is renewed day by day.

This book is a gem, and will come to the rescue of all bibliophiles who are overwhelmed by their tomes, but which nevertheless don’t stop buying them.

Books are a never-ending love, though we know that at some point it will be us or them, we can not help it.

Years pass by and books increase: where do we put them? How to settle them?

In this book, through pictures libraries that are the results of years of collecting, are presented custom solutions for every enthusiast.


Editor: Società editrice il Mulino

In all tangibles and intangibles objects and services that surround us, design has had a key part.

In the design process converge many phases: design, production, communication, use, consumption and re-use; all together they make up what we call design.

In this book the various steps are explained and applied to international and Italian scene, where now design has developed to the point of becoming the creator of the world’s icons.

A focus is also given to the future of design.


Editor: Clean

In the latter book’s theme is the living minimum. Very topical, it makes us reflect on the architectural design itself, in reference to the real needs related to daily life.

Mobile homes, automated houses, renovated containers used as houses, temporary homes … In short, many examples of minimum livings that make us think about living principles themselves.

Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news |

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