New millennium nomads and their homes on the move

Valentina Di Roma

New nomads today are mostly young people who become accustomed to being citizens of the world. How will their homes look like?
Let’s see how answered to the question Matuszek Architektura study with One Design.

Recently we hear about the word nomad more and more often. Not only in its negative sense, linked to the flow of immigrants and so on.

Just as an adjective that is used to describe especially young people new way of life.

Geographical boundaries hardly exist, the house is the world itself, and we are the citizens of the entire planet. We grow in Italy, we go working in the US and maybe we will pass the retirement who knows, in Polynesia …

With such a context, how and where the house stands?

How will look like this nomad house?


In Warsaw, Piotr Matuszek and Monika Mrozowska from Matuszek Architecture study, they have tried to give an answer, in this project with One Design.

41 square meters availables, to renovate and furnish for a couple on the move.

The question is legitimate:how do you furnish a home for people never fixed in one place, always forced to move?

Assuming that this house would not be a place where the two would spend many years, the design choices have veered towards the creation of pieces of furniture as much as possible as a unique piece (either as shape and as furniture firm).

High quality components, easy to move in the future homes and above all adaptable to new spaces.

The furnishings are reduced to the essential parts, as well as accessories.

Light wood together with pastel colours make the house catchy to the eye and pleasant to live.

Although the furnishings chosen are modular and maybe the forms not too sophisticated or strange (even production materials), details and finishes always contribute in making their new homes a real house.

And as someone said: Home is where heart is.

Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news |

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