One room, five styles: (almost) zero budget relooking

Valentina Di Roma

One room, five styles: changing color to a single wall, we can create completely different environments. Wanna see how?

As you know now (because I’m repeating it almost in loops), April is the month devoted to color. Because we always speaks so much about it, but not always ideas are clear.

It is difficult to know how to choosethe right colors when it comes to choosing them to re-look our home. Very often you get confused because the floor is of a type, the furniture of another and the accessories of another yet …. And it turns out that our home becomes a rainbow.

Some time it’s enough to find some time to find the right color that binds everything. So to create a harmonious and balanced environment.

I wanted to make an example of relooking, which could happen to everyone. In this case it is a living room. I decided to focus the attention on the main wall of the room: the one behind the sofa.

Some basic furnishings: a gray sofa (or any neutral tone), a coffee table, a floor lamp, some wall paintings. I’ll leave you the details below if you like it:

  • Sofa, Maison du Monde, € 499
  • ANDERSEN coffe table, Maison du Monde, €199
  • Floor lamp, Holmo, Ikea, € 8,99
  • Wall paintings, Knoppang, Ikea, € 34,99

What do you say? Let’s start relooking?


Rug Laborg di Ikea € 16,99 | Pillow Foglia di Cogal Home € 30 | Pillow Ananas di H&M € 7,99

Let’s start with a neutral and classic color, beige. It will surely be a color loved by many, because it adapts to everything practically, especially if you are people who love to change often.

By changing the accessories color (pillows, paintings, curtains …) you can renew the look over the years with little expense.

A timeless classic, in short.


Rug Stillebak di Ikea € 29,99 | Pillow Swedine di Maison du Monde € 19,99 | Pillow H&M € 3,99

If you want to dare just a little bit more but without exaggerating, then you could opt for this light blue, which immediately make you think of the sea. Relaxing and quiet color, it fits easily to the most different styles of furnishing. Also, it is versatile throughout the house, not being particularly exciting or aggressive.

You can opt for accessories in the same color shade, or stay in neutral beige tones, to break a bit.


Rug Stockholm 2017 Ikea, € 159,90 | Pillow Pensiero Cogal Home € 29 | Pillow Sigma Cogal Home € 25

Let’s pass to a color for lovers of change and for thos who not afraid to dare: a beautiful red, which remembers the Terra di Siena one. Full and firm color, it immediately creates an intimate and vaguely baroque atmosphere.

Do not exaggerate with the same tone on the accessories, you’d risk creating overloaded environments that could get you tired soon. Better to keep on the shades of gray, white and black to balance the whole.

If you want to use the same red in the night zones, just hold it for the accessories: it’s a color that’s too energizing, not suitable for resting areas.


Rus Stillebak di Ikea € 29,99 | Pillow Swedine di Maison du Monde € 19,99 | PillowH&M € 3,99

Let’s close with two versions suitable for lovers of geometric and somewhat neoclassical decors: stripes. How to choose between horizontal or vertical?

Consider this: vertical lines give the illusion of taller environments, while the horizontal ones of larger rooms. Playing with the width of the rows and their color, you can create thousands of variants. In the two examples in these photos, I have chosen regular patterns with alternating colors always equal, to create symmetry and therefore classic environments.

But if you alternate lines with different widths and different colors, the classicism of the photos above will easily turn into estro. It’s up to you!

Rug Stillebak di Ikea € 29,99 | Pillow H6M blu e 4,99 | Pillow H&M € 7,99
Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news |

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