Organizing the walk-in-closet: a step-by-step guide, mistake safe

C’mon tell the truth, do you know how to organize your closet at best? Or like me, you always start with many good intentions that then vanish? Here is a step by step guide, for a proof box store wardrobe.

Spring is here, so it means that it is time for you too (you can not be saved from this thing and you know it) for “spring cleaning” time.

Well, one could actually make them all year but you know, we are lazy in winter, it’s cold, who wants to make the sorting of old and new?

Choosing among the things to keep and to throw away? Since summer is coming, you have to do a bit of decluttering (which word is this?? What do you mean ?? For those who have question mark face and are insulting me, asking me to write clearly, well a proper article will follow).

Once you have made the entrance selection, then, you can go to Step 2: Organizing the closet.

The moment of real panic just arrived: because I bet, if you open the doors of your closet, everything could fall on top of your head.

Yet, with a few right accessories, also your wardrobe may seem come straight out of a catalog and you won’t need four hours to find your favourite dress in your closet.

Let’s see how.


Especially when space is very little, knowing how to choose the wardrobe properly is crucial (here some ideas about it).

Do you know of which dimensions to choose it? How many columns modules would you need?

If you went into paranoia for the barrage of questions, do not worry: I have prepared a zero panic infographic: everything you need to know in one place.

Valentina Di Roma

Let’s say that if you can afford a walk-in-closet, then you can organize it both for her and for him.

So: two columns of at least 2 meters in height, divided into four parts. This way, you can organize your clothes by color and theme, let’s say. Skirts, trousers, jackets and shirts.

Two small columns, always full height; one devoted to shoes, the other with drawers (for linen) and shelves (for sweaters and T-shirts).

If, however, you have to devote a single wall to closet, you should choose three modules of 100 cm width each about, for at least 240 cm in height.

In this way, two 100 cm columns will be divided into two modules, with height 100 cm; one for her, one for him and the remaining organized in drawers and shelves.

The top of the cabinet will be dedicated to bags, hats and accessories little used, to put away in boxes.

Komplement hanger Ikea € 3,99 | Stajilig hanger Ikea € 0,99

Once you have chosen the closet, what remains is to choose the internal accessories: internal dividers for drawers, bag hooks, hangers for ties and belts …

Internal drawer divider by Semeraro € 12,99 | Hofta Internal drawer divider Ikea € 1,99

Internal dividers for drawers are a must have: they force you to keep in order. If you prefer a partition to be cut to size, then Hofta Ikea for you. Three pieces to be combined according to your needs.

And if the high of the cabinet is not enough, because you have too many bags, then use the Astuto hook Semeraro: it will allow you to keep on hand the ones you use the most.

Astuto hook by Semeraro € 1,99 | Skubb hanging shoes holder Ikea € 5,99