Our home is our mirror: what does it tell about you?

Valentina Di Roma
Feb 9, 2017 · 3 min read


We talk constantly about houses and how to make them more beautiful, but really, what does the word house mean? How does it symbolize and presents us to the world?

Being this an interior design blog, of course the topic is always the home. Reflecting a bit in these days on the topics to talk about in future weeks, I came to doubt that we do not always have the right knowledge of the true meaning of the word.

From the first dawn of man, the need to have a closed place to retreat and protect ourselves was visceral.

Hence the process of construction has been a crescendo: increasingly sophisticated and technologically complicated designs, to satisfy all our needs.

But let’s see what are the hidden meanings behind the way we live.


Oh yes, because in the end our homes are nothing more than a mirror of ourselves. Each architectural element of our homes has a deep meaning.

Did you know that the stairs symbolize the human need to go up, to communicate, the contact between heaven and earth?

That the lobby makes perceive to others the way we welcome them? A dark hall means that we are not so happy that someone is invading our privacy, while an open-space entrance communicates the exact opposite.

Home is the representation of our inner part. Of ourselves. A place where to feel good.

Curved forms encourage acceptance, because they remember the maternal uterus forms and evoke feelings of refuge and protection.

So even if you don’t do it consciously, everything we choose to decorate our homes represents us. It is the reflection of our inner world.

Neat houses, not overcrowded with objects, reflect happy people, as well as claustrophobic residences for the amount of accessories and furniture, can reveal anxiety or obsessions.

Each room has also its own meaning: living room as a place of appearance while the bathroom is a therapeutic place for the care of the self.

Home is the mirror of the world we live in.

How to do then to make the house a therapeutic place? Many disciplines are increasingly attentive to the conscious design, such as bio-architecture and Feng Shui.

To you therefore the choice between the use of healthy and eco-friendly building materials, or the organization of space according to the energies of the environment.

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