Phenomenal cosmic powers, in tiny (micro) living spaces…

Valentina Di Roma
Dec 14, 2016 · 3 min read

A really really small apartment, space cut down to the bone for a young couple who’s going to live in grandma’s home. How will the outcome be?

Just as there are colossal houses and villas, to be shot by bus, there are also micro houses, so micro that they look like a joke.

It is the case of the 20 m² apartment in Poland, Bialystok, renovated by Piotr Matuszek and Gosia Czarny from Matuszek study.

A young couple is left with their grandmother’s old apartment, which has a flaw: it is really small. The desire to start a life together is stronger and you know, when you are young you are also a bit reckless.

Even the biggest problem can be faced changing perspective: no obstacle is insurmountable.


Here the architects change completely the plan, knocking out all the internal non-bearing walls.

An open space it’s created, divided into two parts: a “box” in which are placed kitchen, bathroom and entrance. In the remaining open space living room and sleeping area find place.

© 2016 Matuszek Architettura.
© 2016 Matuszek Architettura.

In a space that in Italy would not be enough even for a person, here they live in two. Thanks to essential and folding furniture, everything find its place.

A folding furniture that becomes a double bed, white as the dominant color and light wood. The touch of personality cannot be miss, even a little fashion: all kinds of patterns, which characterize the young nature of the house.

Not all the furniture is new, however: there is also a vintage touch, grandmother’s memories.

The beautiful drawer: it fits perfectly with the rest, helping to give the house the right emotional memory.

© 2016 Matuszek Architettura.
© 2016 Matuszek Architettura.

The bathroom is also impressive: it is small, but using the same tiles on the floor and on the wall, they create the illusion of a greater space.

Just to be said: two hearts and a hut!

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