Romantic Pink, Nordic Pink, Masculine Pink… Pink for all tastes!

February, carnival and love month. And which is the symbol of Valentine’s Day? Roses. Not just the flower but the color too, for the monthly palette.

February: if you think of a symbol to represent this month, what would you think of? I did it, to find the object to inspire me for the color of the month and I’ve come up with the rose.

The flower symbol of love par excellence, of which February is the representative, by the Valentine’s party.

Soon they’ll begin to bloom the first buds, and we will finally get out of this cold winter, making us stun with the scent of this beautiful flower.

Rose not only as the flower, of course, but as the color pink rose; and if you are thinking that it is a color created especially for women, think again.

Pink for century was considered to be as a masculine color, because it’s a lighter shade of red, symbol of strength and manhood.



Here it is then, the monthly palette. All of the mauve pink shades, to decorate our homes with this color that reminds a bit to Art Nouveau and floral style.

In our day if we think of rose we think of women, but it has not always being like this. Being a shade of red (with the addition of white), for centuries the rose was associated with males.

Let’s see how to use this color that inspires hope, tranquility and serenity at home.

Image credits: Amber Price Crazy Little Projects — Cotè Maison — Frenchbydesign

As you can see, it’s a color that fits well in all rooms of the house but also with all furnishing styles. On the nordic, the minimal until the floral one.

Its counterpart are gray and black shades, which dampen a little the sickly sweet allure, making the environments in which pink it is used, perfectly balanced.

The metal that goes very well with it, it’s copper: all accessories in this finish are the ideal complement to this shade.

Roses for all then?

Image credits: Lulu&Georgia — Frenchbydesign — Stylecaster