Sean Sullivan: from wall to canvas with a fountain pen

Valentina Di Roma

I know, you thought I were already gone on vacation due to the month in which we are, but no, mine was a forced absence because the modem has abandoned me and the arrival of the new one was more tortuous than expected …

So, to forgive me for the long absence, today I want to introduce this young American artist: Sean Sullivan.

Think about it: when was the last time you did a hand drawing?

Probably in elementary school, because the PC existed (maybe) but they were not as heavily used as now and we survived even without mobile phone.

In this hyper-technological era Sean Sullivan struck us all, because it creates universes on white walls with a fountain pen.

His visionary and scoring ability is unmatched: the objects are hyper-realistic and the absence of color is not a defect.


Sean works’ are incredibles views from both far and near, regardless of the point of view.

From a distance you have the chance to contemplate the big picture, closely you can discover endless details.

There is an obsessiveness care in his works, which leads to the creation of unique designs of their kind and more real than pictures.

The mural above is called “Great Wheel Maw” and was produced for the Lace art gallery in Los Angeles.

It took seven months to fulfill it at all, but I would say that the wait was worth it.


This other work instead is called “The Culver Studios” and recreates in detail the fitting room of a movie studio.

I’d be hours perusing these beautiful designs, to amaze me every minute longer to discover a particular not noticed before.

Let’s face it: as far as the technology is our friend, sometimes the emotion aroused by a work made by hand is unequaled.

Long live the unity and uniqueness.

Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news |

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