Small outdoor spaces: from mini to maxi

The month dedicated to outdoor decor continues. Today, however, we come to the point: how do we decorate small outdoor spaces (almost micro)?

I see you: busy thinking about your miserable small balcony, feeling like pariah toward those who instead have it giant.

Whocares my friend. I‘ll repeat it: dimensions don’t matter. What define you is not a balcony huge like St. Peter’s Square.

A small balcony, if well settled, always does make its amazing part.

So, let’s give back their dignity to these tiny outdoor spaces; it is not because they make you sad, they are meant to see only the garbage bags.

They can become your summer reading corner, the outdoor home office, the place to have breakfast on weekends … and all that fantasy makes you dream of.


As I have already told you in the previous posts of the month (this is the post dedicated to larger spaces, while at this other link you find a post for courtyards and balconies), few simple tricks are necessary to transform your outdoor.

Stop thinking about your balcony as an entit per itself. You have to consider it as an extension of your home.

Ok in using the same furnishings you use inside, outside: it’ll seem to be in the same room. Ok for tables and chairs to dine out, cushions and curtains to decorate, grills and frying pans.

Your balcony should be the appendage of your home, with one continuous style.

If it seems weird to you to use pillows, carpets and curtains, you’re wrong: these little details make the difference. They immediately create a cozy and familiar atmosphere where you’ll long to stay.

Go wild with colors and patterns: they give warmth and cheer. Even mirrors and paintings are very beautiful accessories, which will make a difference and will make your balconies look like living rooms.

But then, let’s tell the truth: in the coming months, staying at home will be more and more difficult (especially if you do not have St Conditioner).

So why not going out to work? Why not have breakfast in the open air? Move all the activities you can, to the outside. You will gain in optimism.

Image credits right photo: Int2architecture

As you need to earn every inch, take advantage of the vertical walls: use rack door vases, which can also become mini libraries, with the help of shelves. Use suspended jars, use the railings to hang a small table.

In short, all that will allow you to take advantage of every corner. However, if you love the plants in a classic pot, then prefer those high and narrow: they help to visually enlarge the space. | Maayan Zusman Interior Design

Watch out, however, when choosing the furniture: take the measurements of your balcony for your choice. With such micro spaces, you’ll need micro furnishings too.

Green light to tables and folding chairs, chairs without armrests and minimal furnishings; minimize the number of furniture pieces not to fill too much the space.

May the summer be with you!