Social Street: the real sharing born on Facebook

In the age of Facebook and all modern social media, the ability to relate with other people close to us is almost gone; we have replaced the educated and respectful comparison capabilities with the “freedom of thought,” which in reality is nothing more than the desire to offend and / or provoke others, hidden behind a screen.

This whole virtual interactivity led us to distance ourselves from the real people around us; very often we not in the least know our neighbors.

It’s from this thougth that in September of three years ago, Federico Bastiani realized that he knew nothing of the people who lived in his block.

Determined to find playmates for his son Federico used Facebook, creating a closed group with the aim of bringing together all the inhabitants of the street.

And here it comes the group of Via Fondazza and surroundings, the first Italian social street.

As the members grew up, the phenomenon of the social street took hold.


From the need to know each other and share their needs and resources, it was born social street. A simple idea, but at the same time brilliant.

A return to basics if you want, when you gave a hand to each other in the small of your neighborhood.

Do you need a babysitter? No need to look for it somewhere: writing on the group of social street in your street, you may find it as soon as possible.

Social street also as sharing interests and as an aggregation for festive moments. In short, everything that is useful for socializing and healthy participation.

Social street phenomenon has swept across Italy, by counting only on our territory nearly 300.

But the social street have become an international event, which replicated the Italian model in countries like the US and Brazil.

Do you like the idea, but in your town there are none? Why don’t you create one?

If you go on the social street website, you will find all the guidelines to create a new brand. Since the creation of the closed group, to its advertising, to reality.

As easy as drinking a glass of clean water.