Sukhi’s rugs: a social company for design

Valentina Di Roma
Aug 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Discovering Sukhi company, which produces beautiful handmade carpets. A fair and solid activity that will allow you to have a work of art at home.

few months ago I was at the crazy looking for beautiful carpets (but really nice) to propose for some posts and some projects. I came across this brand new company, which left me really amazed.

I had never seen such beautiful carpets (and handmade!) at such good prices. So, by a good curse, I started to inform a bit about this site and about this activity.

Sukhi (this is the name of the company) is an innovative e-commerce model because it does not offer fantomatic quality products that are then delivered plastic, with a percentage of wool equal to zero percent.

What you see online is beautiful, but live is even better.


But do you know what Sukhi means? It comes from the Nepalese and it means happy. And it is also the company’s mission: to bring happiness to people’s homes through their products.

Some images of Nepal and India ateliers

Take a look at the site and the products they offer: as you see the collections are divided into India, Nepal, Morocco and Turkey. These countries are the places from where carpets come and where they are made. Well, because from the moment you make the order, native artisans start working on your artwork.

A real handicraft product, realized thanks to the majors of these people, who are adequately remunerated and treated dignitously. No fear that products are made through loose turns: the happiness and the satisfaction of craftsmen is a very important thing for the company.

I recommend watching the video below: you will see the Nepal team at work. Seeing is believing.


If you are wondering how it is possible that such carpets have such prices, it is soon said. They do not save on raw materials, which are always of quality and non-toxic. Do you know that felt wool for wool rugs comes from New Zealand?

For example, in felt balls rugs, only one color is used for each ball: this guarantees longevity.

The low prices you see are due to the fact that there are no intermediaries: carpets are produced directly by craftsmen and sold to you by Sukhi. This guarantees real savings.

No warehouses, intermediate traders or shops, direct shipment from craftsmen to the end customer, but free.

Beni Ourain rugs
Some of the rugs sell on Sukhi
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