Tactical programming to clean the house: an infographic custom made

Valentina Di Roma


Last week I talked about scheduling houseworks during the week, to make sure you have a free weekend. Let’s see how, with an infographic ready to print,that will help you don’t lose the thread.

Last week (here’s the link to the post) I started to figure out the idea of planned houseworks to be done during the week. What do you say, are you convinced?

Have you made the program and have you tried it? I know you’re skeptical, but once you try it and find your rhythm, you will get upset and you won’t be able to go back.

It is true that the idea of going home after a day’s work and having to clean a home is not a cool one. But believe me: when on Friday night you will find that Saturday you don’t have to do anything ….

It’s a fantastic feeling. A bit like when you went to school and on Saturday you were free to sleep and do what you wanted.

Since I knew you wouldn’t do the homework, I thought about it. I made an easy infographic to print and hang as a reminder.

Wanna see how it works?


As I told you, I put down an example of cleaning division during the week. In this case, it is a split-room programming. Every day is dedicated to the complete cleaning of a part of the home.

I have suggested you to start with the bath, because personally, it is the room that weighs more. So, for me the cleaning the bath represents half the work. It’s the turn of the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen. As you can see, there is a reminder of all the things to do, room for room: dust, vacuum clean ….

On the day left (in this case on Friday), you can clean and rearrange the stairs and common parts if you have such a big house. I have left the washing machine apart, because everyone has his habits. Who (like me) does a bit everyday and those who prefer to succumb to one day only between shelters and centrifuges.

It’s up to you to choose 😎

There is also the alternative to room programming: the task division.

On Monday the vacuum cleaner, Tuesday washing the floors, Wednesday to polishing …. In short, organize yourself according to your comfort and habits.

Be free to enjoy life without being a slave to your home affairs!

Valentina Di Roma

Written by

Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news | http://www.vdrhomedesign.com/

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