The most common mistakes in home furnishings: recognize and avoiding them

Valentina Di Roma
Jul 16, 2017 · 4 min read

Now that you’ve thrown everything you don’t need anymore, you’re ready to set up your house to give it a new look. Let’s see the most common mistakes to avoid when we are decorating our home.

ow that you’ve thrown everything you do not need (haven’t done it yet? Then read here), you’re ready for the next step. Which?

Reorganize the house to make it look new and just furnished. Did not I tell you that July would be dedicated to home decoration, with a minimum budget? So if you are still convinced to see with me how to do, there is a first step to do.

Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes that you usually do when you decorate your home. Because already remedying an error is taking a step towards a beautiful, personal and stylish home.


m sorry to tell you, but practically all of us are not immune to these types of errors. We do not notice it, because despite that particular detail shakes everyone, it seems to us super cool. A work of art almost.

Ok that tastes and colors are not to be discussed, but good taste and balance should never become your sworn enemies. Homes are beautiful when they reflect our personality, okay, but always respecting some basic principles.

First of all? Colors. For God’s sake, resist the temptation of the rainbow house. It’s not cheerful, it does not send positivity. It’s not coo. It only comes to headaches once you have come to discover the color of the bath.

Stick to 4/5 colors and use them all over the house, differentiating the main tones from the secondary ones. You will have a homogeneous and very harmonious set.

Think about the size of the room you are arranging and decorating. When choosing accessories and furnishings, they must be in proportion to the environment you have available. In a two-room apartment with shared kitchen and living room, it is highly unlikely you can place a peninsula sofa. Unless you want ot go to the kitchen passing over the couch.

For small spaces, small and multifunctional furnishings allow you to move freely and to guarantee you all the activities you have in mind.

Do not overcrowd the environments with furniture and accessories, avoid the claustrophobic and trapped in your home effect. Always think: Is this object necessary or can I do it without it?


detail that may seem strange but in reality is not, is to move the furniture away from the walls. Moving furniture to the center of the room not only will create passage channels, but will help make the room look bigger and comfortable.

It is not always necessarily true that one has to stick to one style of furniture when decorating a home. Let’s say it definitely helps, but you can mix two styles as well. The important thing is to match or similar or completely conflicting materials.

Look how beautiful this exotic flavor rug, with industrial chandeliers and vintage bookstore. Create cohesion through colors and accessories and reason on the feelings that materials arouse to you.

As you can see, it is not necessary to furnish with the already finished furniture sets. You can take a piece in a shop, another piece in another … until you’re happy with the end result.

To end, the accessories: carpets, paintings, curtains … They play a primary role in home furnishings. If you choose too small or too big accessories, they will make the house look smaller than it is.

Ok for curtains that don’t touch the ground and that are not attached to the window. It is ok to have art works at 150 cm from the ground and detached 10/15 cm from the furniture. Ok to rugs on which you can plave the front legs of sofas and chairs.

You will see that with these simple tricks, your home will change!

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