The ultimate guide for color psychology: no more doubts in choosing them

Valentina Di Roma

Color psychology and their meanings are very important aspects when it comes to choosing the color that suits us. Since sources and versions are about a thousand, I thought I’d make a really easy guide to help you choose.

I know, you thought I was somewhat faint and I would not go back to writing anymore, but that is not the case.

It’s just that the post Salone del Mobile Fair was even more shocking … A whole series of commitments that had been stuck in an almost forgotten limbo, but which are returned to the office as soon as life has returned to normal.

… I was hoping that they would be completed by themselves certain jobs! So now that I was able to emerge from the chaos after the event, I want to tell you about the subject that I promised you it would have been the absolute star of the month: color.

Before starting at full charge with post “where to use this color” or “this color for this style”, let’s make it a bit clearer.

When it comes to choosing the color for our house, we should think of it. Let me explain: each color has a meaning, even a symbolic one.

You might not know it consciously, but subconsciously you are attracted to certain shades for the feelings they evoke and the mental connections you make. Your favorite color also, even tells about you a lot.

Color is my only and true friend, which comforts me without blaming me for nothing.

I’ll skip all that part which speaks of primary and secondary colors, color theory and blah blah, because they talk about it everywhere.

Let’s see step by step the meaning of the most important colors, so you can choose the one that suits you.


If I say red, you think at the same time to danger and love.

This is because all colors have multiple meanings, even conflicting. Red increases the heart rate, aggression and energy. It is the color of blood flowing in the body, which enters and leaves the heart and this is why it’s related to love and passion. But also the blood coming out from the wounds: danger and pain.

In past centuries, red was the color of the military uniforms, as it was the color chosen by the workers of the nineteenth century, in the struggle against capitalism. Being a highly stimulating color, it is recommended for living areas; It should be avoided in sleeping areas.

Pink is a shade of red: is made by mixing red and white. As a delicate color, it evokes tenderness and sweetness and is very often related to babies. Did you know that in the past it was a male color? It is a variant of red, uniting the strength of this color to the purity of white. It is a relaxing color, which is well suited to all the rooms of the house.

Of an entirely different nature, it’s orange: this color represents the sun that rises and sets. The rising and dying day. It is a tone that conveys happiness and joy, but that does not pass the aggressiveness of red or yellow agitation. In Eastern cultures is an auspicious color. In graphic orange is a widely used color because it quickly attracts attention.


Yellow is the color of sun, light, warmth and energy. Yellow of the sun that lights and flood all spaces around us. But even the strong sun that blinds and burns.

It is a color that warns of imminent danger, which requires us to pay attention and regulates heart rate and arterial pulse. You can use it in the kitchen, as well as in the living room and in passageways. If you want to use it in sleeping areas, do it in small doses, using it mainly in the accessories.

Talking about green: the color of nature, of rebirth after winter’s harshness. It is a relaxing color, the most soothing to the eyes. It is the color of green light, which helps to calm down and relax and as such is one of the colors recommended for bedrooms.

Blue along with green, is a relaxing color that helps to calm down and to increase concentration. It inspires cleaning and reduces anxiety. Not surprisingly, if you say blue what do you think of? Of calm seas, which immediately will give you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

For this, both colors are often used in offices and public places, while in the house are suitable for sleeping quarters and bathrooms.


Let’s go to a group of colors that are not very popular, but very intense. Let’s start with purple: a very complex color that symbolizes body union with spirit, so transformation and union of opposites.

Shade with a highly spiritual value, is also linked to repentance. It combies together the passion of red with the blue calm: a mystical and magical color, with a thousand meanings.

Brown instead, is the color of the earth, the trunks of trees and autumn. It inspires warmth and gives calm, so perfect for every room in the house.

Along with purple is a very strong color, which immediately gives character to the environments in which it is used. If you decide to use one of these two colors, I recommend you to use them well, just on one wall of the room. You’ll avoid dark rooms and dramatic effects.

We end with gray: the color that best of all is related to sadness, because it reminds us of the fog, ash, old age … There are a thousand ways to get it (black and white, yellow, red and blue …) and this is why it’s a neutral color.

Elegant and modern, it become super chic with bright touches of color (such as yellow and green). Perfect as a base color throughout the house, to create elegant and timeless environments.


They could not miss the two most important colors: white and black. For many they are not even colors, as they are, respectively, the totality and the absence of color.

White represents purity, virginity, spirituality, the wisdom of old age. Do you know that in the East is the color of mourning?

Color by strong spiritual significance, is also related to hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, many do not like all-white environment: they give a feeling of sterility and impersonality.

Choose to create white rooms instead, denotes a strong personality: there is no fear of change, which is seen as a positive element.

On the contrary, black is the color of the lack of light, linked to the death and pain. But it is also a symbol of mystery, of the night and respect. Think of the judges, lawyers and managers clothes : they are black, to emphasize their authoritative and powerful position.

Extremely elegant shade, it has to be used sparingly in furnishing the house: in the accessories is the most common use, while for the walls, it’s fine just to emphasize the details and in large spaces.

Valentina Di Roma

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Interior Designer | Architecture & Art lover | Curiosity is my best friend | Always in search of design news |

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