Transparency, velocity and security: smart selling with Mercatopoli

Valentina Di Roma
Sep 11, 2017 · 3 min read

Have you ever heard of Mercatopoli? They are a chain of used markets throughout Italy. Do you want to know how easy it is to sell with them?

some point of the year you will have to deal with the big house cleaning, the one that consist in turning upside down the house and doing the inventory of what you still need and what you no longer need.

The much-feared decluttering could actually been considered as a moment of reflection, to make a smart choice of what it makes sense to keep and what has ended the journey with you.

The fact that these objects (whether they are dresses or furnishing) have ended up with you, does not mean that you have to throw them away: if they are still in good shape, why not sell them?

Have you ever thought that maybe they are useless for you, but for somebody else they might be perfect? A lamp that you like but with new furniture doens’t fit: it might be perfect for someone else.

Mercatopoli can help you with this: an italian chain of 100 shops dedicated to the purchase and sale of used objects, distributed throughout Italy. Do you want to know why I want to talk about Mercatopoli? For their transparency and the ease with which you can sell and buy with them.


But reselling the objects we no longer need, more to be beneficial to us is also green. It allows us to avoid the waste, by putting back on track those objects that would otherwise be landfilled.

Mercatopoli in Bergamo

If you are wondering what can be sold with Mercatopoli, the answer is everything (obviously in very good conditions). Those 90’s clothes you kept for longing, but you can not wear anymore? Yes.

The fruit juice centrifuge you wanted no matter what, but you never used? Also. Old books found in grandparents’ attic? Here we are.

Now that you have what you need, you just have to go to the nearest Mercatopoli and show your objects: you will find skilled and kind staff who will check the material you have brought to make sure everything is in good condition. In this way, both who buys and who sells, can be sure of the high quality of the goods being sold and the transparency of the whole process.

Products are sold within 60 days, hence high rotation; it is really easy to find a chandelier in the latest fashion, alongside a late 19th century breviary!

Mercatopoli Gallarate
Mercatopoli in Castelfranco

Once in the shop with your almost ex lifelong companion, Mercatopoli will establish the sale price with you (if they are recent, you can get 50% of the purchase value); you will be issued a card with which you can check online sales status in real time.

What happens when your object is bough by some other family? You are given the compensation in the form of money: therefore not a discount voucher to be used exclusively by Mercatopoli.

Mercatopoli Rubano

Seen how easy, fast and smart is selling with Mercatopoli? What do you want more? You’ll gain space in your home, you’ll earn something or perhaps you’ll find the complement you have been looking for.

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