White in the city: are you ready to welcome white in Milan?


We always speak of colors and patterns, but there is one color we have not mentioned yet: white. Frightened? I bet you’ll fall in love, instead.

I write on this blog for almost a year and a half now, and in all this time talking about the various color schemes, I have missed one.

Or rather, it is a color so present in the lives of all of us and in all the places in which we move, that I’ve taken it for granted.

Think about it: What would our life be without white?

White is nothing but the sum of all colors, it represents the maximum expression. What comes to your mind when you think of this color?

Many are frightened by this shade: its sterility can cause anxiety. Others even see in total-white look a lack of personality, but they are wrong.

To choose white as our “partner” in our house furnishing, it’s a choice of style and suggests a lot of us; it means sharing the purity, hope for the future and acceptance of change.

Precisely because it is a color with a thousand meanings and a thousand variations, it has been chosen as star in one of the events of the Milan Design Week.


I started this week making the point about some of the events not to be missed during Design Week and White in the city is on the list.

In Brera district, five points are hosting prestigious architectural installations that investigate all possible meanings of this color.

Accademia and Pinacoteca di Brera, Palazzo Cusani, San Carpoforo ex church and Class Editori Space; these are the places to visit, to find out how the architects have declined white in their works.

Corridoio gessi Accademia di Brera | Image credits: Cosmo Laera
corte interna_ Palazzo Cusani
San Carpoforo
White is the brash color of modesty. (Tommaso Landolfi)

Textures and patterns, inspired by nature scenarios, Brera Academy student’s contribution, an exhibition of design objects exclusively in white: a thousand different facets that emphasize even more the versatility of a color seen by many as trivial.

Artistic director of the event is Giulio Cappellini, joined by international names of architecture and design: Stefano Boeri, David Chipperfield, Patricia Urquiola, Zaha Hadid Architects, to name a few.

A path which aims to raise awareness on white color beyond historical or cultural heritage; it aims to create a new awareness that will lead to the choice of this color in a conscious way.

White as the transformation engine for the environment welfare and of everyday life.