Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), is a quantum field theory of the electromagnetic force. It is a relativistic quantum field theory that describes the electromagnetic interactions between elementary particles such as quarks and photons at the fundamental level.


The development of quantum electrodynamics largely follows that of quantum mechanics. This is because as quantum mechanics was being refined, there were attempts from various scientists to apply it to certain existing fields in science. It was successfully applied to electromagnetic fields and thus, quantum electrodynamics was born.

Timeline of Development of QED




Quantum Electrodynamics in itself is a significant theory, being the first complete theory to draw connections between classical and quantum physics. It gives us the first idea of what a complete quantum field theory looks like, paving the way for other field theories such as quantum chromodynamics. While QED is still being better understood, it already has some uses in the real world. With progress in research and development, it will eventually become a vital part of engineering changing the way we view electricity and magnetism for the better.






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