Insights on reaching the millennial market in Moscow

Meet Tatiana, a marketing manager at Beeline Russia. In this interview, we hear about her career path, and get awesome advice on how to win over students and millennials.

Tatiana smiles when recalling her job as a campus brand ambassador for an energy drink company. After all, the work was fun, and her impact could be felt immediately.

“It was cool to see how the company worked with students to build the brand,” Tatiana says. “Not only was that process exciting, but it was also very cost-effective.”

Today, Tatiana is a marketing manager at Beeline Russia. She mainly markets to students, so she’s brought what she’s learned along the way with her here. In this interview, she talks about all she’s doing to capture the millennial generation.

What are typical students in Moscow like?

It’s really a unique market. They’re always on their smartphones, so reaching them via social media is most effective. They really want brands to understand them, and they like to be able to give feedback.

What are some ways you connect with students?

For instance, we try to get involved in campus events and clubs. In general, we try to go where they are most active. We welcome user generated content on social media as well, because we want to create useful content together.

Have you held any events on a campus recently?

Right now, we are participating in humor clubs at universities, or KVN (Club of the Cheerful and Smart-Witted). That’s been a good time. Also, we’ve held workshops on topics like the internet, and have invited bloggers and celebrities to help.

How have the results been for your campaigns? Give an example.

Overall, conversion has been good. We’ve found that if we integrate into the lives of students, conversion improves.

For example, our student ID badges campaign has been quite successful. When creating this campaign, we wanted to find a way to connect with students on an important day in their lives. The first day at university is a special occasion, of course. So, to be a part of that, we created these nice covers for student IDs. This has helped make a good first impression and increase brand recognition.

Meet Tatiana

Describe what you’ve learned about the millennial market.

To win them over, always go where they are. Give them specific value — not an aggressive sales pitch. Show them how you can solve a problem they have. Millennials do want to save money. But they also are willing to spend if something can make life more convenient or pleasing.

Remember the millennial generation grew up with the internet, where they’ve had constant and immediate access to lots of information. This has led to two things: one, an openness to try new things; and two, the need to have everything right away. Also, millennials want to be unique, which makes it more important to create tailored offers to them.

How do you start getting involved in campus life?

We have contacts at many universities that manage organizations and departments. This is helpful in knowing what’s happening on campus. It has allowed us many chances to actually talk with students. So, my personal network and Beeline’s contacts have been beneficial.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found from marketing on campus?

Students don’t want their time wasted. So, we are very focused on ideas that attract them immediately. If we can’t show students what’s it in for them in the first minute, then they’ll just walk away.

If we can’t show students what’s it in for them in the first minute, then they’ll just walk away.

Has your previous work helped you in your current role?

When I was a student, I worked as a brand ambassador for an energy drink company. This showed me the importance of being a part of your customers’ lives. We have to be on the ground, getting to know them. It’s the only way to offer real value.

After school, before Beeline, I worked for a famous shoes company as an event manager. This taught me how create, plan, and execute a marketing event, as well as how to manage everyone involved. So, my previous jobs help me everyday here at Beeline. In a way, my career path has been leading here.

It sounds like converting millennials is tough. After all, they want things quickly, and at the right price.

But Tatiana’s work is showing that, if you meet them where they are, delivering a product that does that becomes easier. So, take Tatiana’s advice, and integrate into their lives. Then, you’ll understand what it takes to win them over.

In this interview, we heard Tatiana’s insights on capturing the millennial market. In the second part, we get to hear inspiring advice on how to make the most of work and life.

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