By Veronica Maria Brown-Comegys

I’m planning a return trip to Rio. The first thing I do is scrutinize information regarding the city buses. They are the cheapest form of transportation. However, a past incident nags me. My blood runs cold when I read the warning from the U.S. State Department. It said, “avoid city buses whenever possible.” In addition, Trip Advisor specified they are safer now. However, travelers should take them only during the day and stay in the safer areas of the city. “Bull,” I growled. I was in a safe district when my life flashed before my eyes…

The Antichrist Ruined My Evening

By Veronica Maria Brown-Comegys

I was scuttling down the hall in the old school building. People side-eyed me when I bumped them. I’m saving myself, I thought. I had to get away from the otherworldly voice in the movie. I collided with the front door. It opened. The blast of cold air calmed me. When I heard my friend Corliss’s voice, I raced down the steps. She yelled, “What did you think?” Without looking back, I roared, “I don’t need more religion in my life, I need less.”

I had just escaped from a Baha’i…

By Veronica Maria Brown-Comegys

I returned from a leave of absence and got fired from my newspaper reporter job, which I’d held for more than five years. I’d spent one year in Rio de Janeiro studying, conducting research for a book, and writing freelance articles for United Press International. My byline appeared in the Miami Herald, and the Hartford Courant.

The newly promoted boss, a diminutive, greasy-haired yokel, was not impressed. City Editor Boll Weevil Bollocks said I was not good enough for the Podunk Daily Newspaper, where I was the first black reporter hired. He said someone had led…

My Mental Health Took Center Stage in the Civil Rights Investigation of Condominium Issues

Veronica Maria Brown-Comegys

“They are mean old women,” said Amy MacDonald, investigator for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. She described the members of the condominium association board. The investigator shared the other residents’ statements with the aged in hope that they would correct how they approach people both black and white. I did not realize how loathsome the gang of geriatric goons were until I read the official report. “There are some really evil people out there,” MacDonald said.

I based my complaint on lack…

Why I Fired Three Therapists and Got the Boot from a Fourth

By Veronica Maria Brown-Comegys

The bait used to lure minorities into mental health treatment is culturally competent therapists. To some black people that means a practitioner of their own race. As a African American, who has been treated for Depressive Disorder, I disagree. I’m convinced that ‘healers’ who had my color attempted to beat my self-esteem until it was bloody.

A few years ago, I stomped out of a psychologist’s office 10 minutes into the third appointment. I’d handed him the most recent of my eight published features…

Veronica Brown-Comegys

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