Benefits of Using Azure — A Microsoft Cloud Solution

Many technology experts claim that the new era in computing has just begin, most of the leading business firms are heading towards cloud computing and cloud hosting platforms for wider safety and security of their business details and data. One of the prominent IT giants — Microsoft has its own cloud hosting platform named Azure to cater diversified needs and requirements of businesses empowered by its support. The Microsoft Cloud Solution feature has various features and controls that can assist in enhancing the security and privacy of your business and also provides centralized management on servers as well as local network. Taking the next step to make your business more organized, accessible, and protected from threats, the cloud solution offered by the company has everything residing on remote servers that can be easily accessed via the Internet.

Cloud computing requires that a computing platform and Microsoft’s Azure is one of the preferred choices of most of the IT businesses due to the following reasons:

1. Has Familiarity of Windows

Azure is typically based on Windows and allows you to write applications in the same programming languages that Windows apps do. Adding as an advantage, the platform also gives freedom to developers for designing, publishing, and uses their customized designed and windows powered applications on the Azure platform to make your data sharing and securing process easier and faster. The entire platform features a standard Windows environment and ensures easy and hassle-free management of various utilities and data sets with ease.

2. Azure SDK to Give a Customized Experience

Microsoft has always shown great concern towards keeping their customers happy and satisfies and one of the biggest examples of the same is the availability of SDK kit with Azure platform to make the user experience more customized and streamlined. Windows Azure Software Development Kit (SDK) includes a version of the Azure environment that you can install and run on your own computer. Also known as Windows Azure Development Fabric, the environment help users to develop and debug customized apps and then move them to cloud for making your entire experience easy and streamlined.

3. Cost Benefits and Pricing Model

It is agreeable that taking advantage of the cloud enables you to decrease your costs for building and expanding your IT infrastructure or on-premises resources. Since the hardware related decisions and updates, upgrades and security management tasks are handled off-premises, you can easily reduce the cost of IT administration without making any extra effort.

Adopting this Microsoft Cloud Solution for managing, developing, testing, debugging, and distributing Web-based applications can help you reduce your IT budgets drastically because now you just have to pay for the computer processing time and storage space.