Catching up with VIBE

The VIBE team is happy to announce that starting Monday, January 28th, the sponsorship of master game nodes will be activated. This will allow the community to sponsor the servers running games on VIBE or DIE as well as any games integrated in the future. Community members who take part will receive a percentage of the transaction fees generated on their master game node through gameplay. Further information and tutorials will be available upon the release.

Withdrawals will also be activated on Monday, January 28th. Our team has built a simple and efficient process to move tokens on and off VIBENet. Users will be limited to how much VIBE, ETH and BNB they can withdraw in a 24hr period. The current breakdown will be as follows;

10,000 VIBE — 24hr

100 BNB — 24hr

4 ETH — 24 hr

Withdrawal limits will be increased throughout 2019. Further information as well as tutorials explaining withdrawals will be available upon the Monday release.

In addition to the release of master game nodes and withdrawals, VIBE or DIE v2019.3 will be available for download by the end of January. Our development team has worked hard to build three new gaming levels for VIBE or DIE and has fixed the bugs found in v2019.2. Also, our marketing campaign is set to launch at the end of January which will introduce more players to the VIBE or DIE ecoysystem.

Feel the VIBE singing edition is just around the corner. Our team is very excited to become one of the pioneers in Mobile AR development. Feel the VIBE will be available on Mobile AR and VR, target release date is end of February to early March. Mobile AR is believed by many to be the next big medium for social media and entertainment delivered through your mobile phone. It’s time to put our holograms to good use for the new medium of Mobile AR.

Stay tuned this Monday for more information and instructions on master game nodes and withdrawals.

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