Catching up with VIBE

Our last community update was on October 21st so we figured it’s about time to fill you in on any updates that you might have missed. We will also take a look at what we have in store for the month of December.

VRTL Media Summit

VIBE attended the VRTL Media Summit at Paramount Studios on November 15th where our founder Alessio Mack moderated the panel “Mixed Reality Experiences Go Live: What’s next in Location-Based Entertainment?” The VIBE booth at the Summit was a popular stop for those attending as we showcased our in-house built VR games; “VIBE to SURVIVE” and “VIBE or DIE.”

Many of the world’s top VR companies and investors such as Oculus, Farmville, Survios, Warner Bros, Overwatch League, AMC Networks, NBC and several major VC Funds presented at VRTL. We were pleased to be able to play our part in making this event such a success and look forward to bringing the connections and relationships acquired from VRTL with us into 2019.

Blockfolio Signal Beta

On November 27th, we were happy to share that VIBE was invited to take part in the Blockfolio Signal Beta. Blockfolio Signal is a tool for companies to deliver their updates and announcements directly to their community with no interference of spam. Top projects in the market are taking part in the Signal Beta and we are honoured to be the latest company asked to join. To get direct signals from the VIBE team on Blockfolio, simply download the Blockfolio app and select the option to “Watch VIBE.”

Blockfolio has propelled itself to the number one online app to obtain market data. With millions of downloads and users, Blockfolio will be a go-to source for market data for years to come.

Following VIBE being listed on IDAX and LATOKEN, VIBE was also listed at OEX exchange on October 28th.

What’s in store for December?

Our target BETA release date for “VIBE to SURVIVE” and “VIBE or DIE” is set for the end of December. We have been actively developing the games for the past several months and both were met with great enthusiasm at the VRTL Media Summit. We are in the final stages of development and our team can’t wait to release the games to the community.

Also in December, we will be releasing VIBE Whitepaper “2.0.” The new whitepaper will showcase some of our main focus points leading into 2019 such as MobileAR, P2P file sharing protocol and gaming on the Blockchain.