Feel The VIBE- Group 2 Contestants update

Jun 19 · 2 min read

Hey everyone! We are happy to announce the target date for the next four hologram performances in the Feel The VIBE competition is set for first week of July. The exact date will depend on App Store approval but we are confident within two weeks the new hologram performances will be live! Group 1 voting will continue until the new holographic performances are live.

Over the past month we have taken the communities feedback and we will be applying upgrades to the Feel The VIBE app. Most notably an audio enhancement. Our development team has spent the last month working on enhancing the audio experience for Feel The VIBE users. We’re happy to announce the audio experience will show significant improvement upon group 2 launch.

Since June 1st we have been promoting our Feel The VIBE and VIBE or DIE promo video on YouTube. We are approaching 400K views on the promo video! The YouTube marketing campaign will end on June 30th.

Since the release of the Feel The VIBE app we have been showing our holograms in augmented reality in various locations. Venice Beach Boardwalk, Hollywood BLVD and Harvard University. Check out our video of Gabe Hughes performing at Harvard University.

We had a Feel The VIBE competition. The community had to post videos of their recordings of holograms in Augmented Reality. Best recording would win 5,000 VIBE. Congratulations again to @Ultcoin on twitter for winning the Feel The VIBE competition!

On June 2nd our team attended the Miami VR Expo 2019

Lets meet the Group 2 contestants:

Father JFont *Instagram- @fatherjfont

Hallee Johnson *Instagram- @purehalle

Jon Etiquette *Instagram- @jonetiquette

Jesus Puentes


Feel The VIBE is a music competition featuring 12 of the best artists Hollywood has to offer. The 12 contestants are displayed as holograms in augmented reality thru your mobile phone. Download Feel The VIBE app today and vote for your favorite artist! Help them win a $10,000 grand prize!!!

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