VIBE August Monthly Report & Looking ahead into a jam packed September!!!

Sep 3 · 2 min read

Hey everyone! Welcome to the VIBE monthly review. In this blog we are going to look at the past month of updates and take a look into a jam packed September we have in store!

On August 8th we announced the release of the VIBEHub Virtual World v2.0

On August 14th both VIBE and NEO announced our partnership for cross chain communication for the next era of gaming!

We published a medium article announcing more details about the partnership.

Stay tuned! We will have more information coming your way very soon about the NEO ‘VIBE or DIE’ competition.

On August 15th we released phase 1 of the VIBEHub Virtual World v2.0! Phase 2 and 3 will complete over the next 7- 14 days.

Jam packed September

We have a jam packed September set to take place. Lets have a look at some of the updates in store!

New Website

NEO ‘VIBE or DIE’ Competition’

VIBEHub Virtual World Phase 2 and 3 completion

Holocharts this month or potentially October- Mobile App and Web experience where you can view your crypto data in holographic 3D charts!!!

In addition to these updates, we have some other announcements to make in the immediate future! So make sure you follow closely. September is going to be jam packed with updates and announcements!!!!

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