VIBE Monthly Report

Jul 22 · 2 min read

Hey everyone! Welcome to the VIBE monthly report from June 20th — July 21st 2019. In this report we are going to discuss a new product we’re releasing called ‘HoloChart’ and look back at the past month of VIBE updates.


Our team is excited to introduce our newest product called HoloChart. HoloChart will show all cryptocurrencies on Binance and their data in holographic charts. The charts will showcase numerous features such as RSI, Volume, Moving Averages and other various technical analysis indicators.

HoloChart will be available on its own mobile app in augmented reality called HoloChart. In addition to the HoloChart Mobile AR app, HoloChart will also be available on the VIBEHub Social Platform as a VR and web browser experience.

We anticipate you will not have to wait long to start getting your cryptocurrency data in holographic/3D charts! Stay tuned for updates!

June 20th-July 21st

On June 27th we introduced ‘VR/AR Insider’. VR/AR Insider is a segment on our YouTube channel that covers the latest news from around the world in VR/AR. We created VR/AR Insider to expand our YouTube presence, build our community and educate those interested in VR/AR.

We’re still perfecting VR/AR Insider but we love the feedback we’ve been getting so far! VR/AR Insider isn’t going anywhere! Lets have a look at some of the episodes of VR/AR Insider we’ve released over the past month.

Here is a link to the VR/AR Insider playlist and all episodes over the past month.

On July 9th we released 4 new holograms to the Feel The VIBE app for Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition to new hologram performances, we also made updates to the app!

-Audio distortion (fixed)

-Position and Scale fixes

-Various UI improvements

We’re happy with where Feel The VIBE is at right now but we still have some updates to make for the best possible user experience. Stay tuned for the latest updates to Feel The VIBE!

On July 17th we announced our second Feel The VIBE giveaway. Users had to tag $VIBE on Twitter or #feelthevibe on Instagram and include video of a hologram in AR mode from the Feel The VIBE app. The best video submitted would win 0.05 BTC and 5,000 VIBE.

We would like to congratulate @sholyes on Twitter for winning the Feel The VIBE contest and claiming the prize of 0.05 BTC and 5,000 VIBE!

Thank you all for your continued support. Stay tuned for the next update!

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