VIBE & NEO partner for cross chain communication for the next era of gaming!

Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Hey everybody! On behalf of VIBE & NEO, we’re happy to announce a partnership for cross chain communication for the next era of gaming. It has taken an immense amount of development since 2017 from both companies for this partnership to be possible. We’re very excited to see what the present and future holds!

The partnership between VIBE & NEO will see both NEO & GAS integrated onto the VIBENet chain. VIBENet is a layer 2 solution built for the next era of gaming. VIBENet is able to facilitate instant atomic micro transactions with no gas fees, a necessary component for the next era of blockchain gaming.

To kick off the partnership, NEO will be integrated into the crypto first person shooter game ‘VIBE or DIE’ which is built on the VIBENet chain. ‘VIBE or DIE’ is a first person shooter game similar to Call of Duty and Halo. There is a total of 6 maps for gameplay and the game mode is a Free for All Deathmatch.

Users will be able to play with NEO in ‘VIBE or DIE’ starting the second week of September. The VIBE and NEO team will be putting together a competition of $5,000 U.S.D in NEO to ‘VIBE or DIE’ users playing with NEO in September!

This is only the beginning of a great partnership between NEO & VIBE! Please stay tuned for more updates and information about the ‘VIBE or DIE’ NEO competition in the coming weeks!

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