VIBE to release first person shooter game on the blockchain integrating the VIBE, ETH & BNB cryptocurrencies.

Jan 4, 2019 · 3 min read

The VIBE team is proud to announce that we are releasing a first person shooter game on the blockchain that will integrate VIBE, ETH and BNB cryptocurrencies. The game VIBE or DIE is a first person shooter game similar to Halo and Call of Duty. Users will join their game mode of choice and will be rewarded or deducted VIBE, ETH or BNB every time they make a kill or are killed by another user. There will be four different game modes per cryptocurrency based on the user’s price preference. These will range from .01 per kill/death up to 100 per kill/death in the respected currencies to satisfy all levels of competition. VIBE or DIE is a PC download and is currently playable without a VR headset upon first release. Integrating VR for users will occur later in the year. We decided to make the first release non browser based and downloadable to allow the highest quality desktop graphics.

We have worked very closely with Binance on the release of VIBE or DIE in order to integrate the BNB token to the game. It has been an honour for our team to work alongside such a reputable figure in the crypto community to bring this worlds first game to BNB token holders. Being that our platform was built on the Ethereum blockchain, we will also be integrating ETH into VIBE or DIE. In order to play using BNB or ETH, users must maintain a VIBE balance of at least 1000 in their VIBENet wallets.

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We will also be giving VIBE, ETH and BNB token holders a unique opportunity by allowing them to sponsor the nodes used to run the game servers. Users who choose to sponsor nodes will be given a percentage of transaction fees generated in VIBE or DIE gameplay on those nodes. The cost to sponsor a node will be on a monthly basis in VIBE, ETH and BNB. More information will be released at a later date.

In addition to having VIBE, ETH and BNB, we are accepting applications for ERC20 tokens. If accepted, their tokens will be integrated into VIBE or DIE and any future games as well as having the ability to use their token to sponsor nodes. As with ETH and BNB, users must maintain a VIBE balance of at least 1000 VIBE in order to join the game server. All tokens listed on VIBENet are able to facilitate instant atomic mirco transactions with no gas fees while on the VIBE private chain.

Our team is bridging the gap between communities and creating new utilities for tokens. At the same time, creating a greater demand for VIBE by opening up the VIBEHub platform for all crypto communities and token holders to enjoy. For the first time, users will see what it’s like to experience gaming on the blockchain with a AAA game. The release date for VIBE or DIE is set for January 12th, 2019. Along with Binance, the VIBE team has a promotional campaign beginning this month.

In case you missed it, here is the trailer for VIBE or DIE

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