VIBE Update & New Site is live!!!

Oct 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Hello everyone and welcome to the VIBE project update! In this blog we’re going to look at all the developments made since our last update and talk briefly about what’s next for our development initiatives.

New Website

We have completely rebuilt our website on both the front-end and back-end. You will notice when you access there is a cleaner UI and streamline interface. There is some new products and services showcased such as HoloCharts and token listings for VIBENet integration.

There are new security measures on the site to ensure the upmost safety for users. We’re now equip with 2-factor authentication for account withdrawals and an email approval system to add another layer of security.

In addition to these front-end developments, we have made significant upgrades to the back-end. Each web client is now a real time lightweight client which will form the foundation of a VIBENet virtual mesh network. During the rebuild we have switched to using web sockets and real time communication which significantly increases the performance of the site and entire ecosystem.

We still have a few adjustments and additions to make. Stay tuned!!!


NEO has officially been integrated onto the VIBENet chain! We’re very excited to kick off our partnership with NEO by doing a VIBE or DIE competition worth $5,000 U.S.D worth of NEO. We will be announcing a start date very soon and begin promotion of the ‘NEO VIBE or DIE’ competition!!!

We also added a VIBE or DIE leaderboard so the community can see who the all-time leaders are for most kills in VIBE or DIE gameplay! You can access the VIBE or DIE leaderboard on the VIBE or DIE page on the website.


During the NEO integration into the VIBENet ecosystem we have made some new firsts and exciting developments that enhances VIBENet’s functionality and scalability.

NEO is the first off-chain blockchain integration separate from Ethereum. Previous tokens integrated are VIBE, ETH and BNB. With NEO being it’s own blockchain, we have now shown the scalability of VIBENet to be able to integrate any blockchain into the VIBENet & VIBEHub gaming ecosystem. Cross-chain communication for any blockchain is something we’re very excited about moving forward with establishing new partnerships!

VIBENet is now built with support for multi chain smart contracts and will allow us to interact with different smart contracts from different blockchains. With these advancements one possibility use case could be to use VIBENet as an Oracle Service.

To view transactions generated on the VIBENet ecosystem, we developed a new UI for our VIBENet private chain explorer. You can take a look at our new explorer by clicking ‘Launch Now’ under the VIBENet section on our website!

Thank you all for reading this blog post and showing us your continued support! Our main development initiatives will now be adding more hologram performances to the ‘Feel The VIBE’ app!!! Stay tuned for updates and announcements!

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