VIBEHub launches new mainnet platform

The VIBEHub team is proud to announce that the VIBEHub mainnet is now live at It has been a long journey preparing for this release and finally the time has come. The platform has a variety of technical achievements for VR/AR and blockchain. Here are a few highlights of our mainnet launch:

Hybrid off-chain solution that facilitates instant micro transactions with no gas fees on the platform

This is a very important milestone for the VIBEHub mainnet launch as high gas usage can lead to network congestion through on-chain transactions. This problem won’t exist with our off-chain solution and will facilitate instant atomic micro transactions with no gas fees.

User created content for digital goods and assets

We have created the world’s first digital marketplace for VR/ AR content on the blockchain. Our marketplace will provide a new, user-friendly medium for developers and digital asset creators to monetize their assets. Our user interface reflects a highly functional yet comfortable navigation experience. Uploading content and choosing a sell price has never been easier.

Our team will handle the backend for developers — all the social functionality, voice chat, voice recognition and any future developments to enhance the user experience. We will be obtaining more assets for the platform from user generated content that will be used in various areas including hubs, personal spaces and games for everyone to enjoy.

We will be uploading holograms onto the VIBEHub marketplace. Users will be able to buy holograms and place them in their own personal hubs. VIBEHUb’s holograms represent a very rare collectable that can be used for personal use or an asset to their portfolio as users can sell their purchased hologram at any time on the VIBEHub marketplace.

Accessibility through the largest platform in the world — the modern browser

We have created a foundation for mass adoption by generating accessibility through the largest platform in the world — the modern browser. You will be able to go from WebVR into VR with a click of a button. Our experiences will work across all VR headsets, from high end to low end devices.

100 volumetric captures

We have reached our goal of 100 volumetric captures (photo realistic holograms) in a year. The captures have come from many forms of talent including singers, dancers and comedians. We have displayed one hologram for our mainnet launch. More holograms will be showcased during the first instalment of “Feel the VIBE” singing competition and other various captures such as Lexy Panterra. More holographic content will be uploaded throughout Q4 2018.

Social gaming

We have several social games ready to be released on the VIBEHub platform with the VIBE token integrated. We will be releasing our first game this year followed by others in 2019.

Social Functionality

The platform is equipped with P2P decentralized voice and audio chat. You can navigate thru VIBEHub’s virtual worlds with friends located anywhere on the planet.

Team section of the website has been updated

The VIBEHub team has grown significantly this year. We look forward to introducing the new members of VIBEHub in the team section of the website.

2019 and 2020 roadmap

The VIBEHub mainnet launch has resulted in VIBEHub reaching all of our roadmap goals for 2018. The social functionality for VR/AR has been greatly enhanced by dropping the barriers and allowing users to access VIBEHub’s virtual worlds through the modern browser. This achievement is what we are most proud of. Giving users the ability to be in the same virtual space, with or without a headset, is the framework required to reach mass adoption.

In addition to our VR/AR framework, our off-chain solution with no gas fees has the potential to achieve user retention capabilities not seen in any other decentralized application. This mainnet launch is only the beginning as we have many updates and upgrades on the horizon. Check out our updated road map located at the bottom of our website.


The VIBEHub team would like to thank you all for your continued support. We have a exciting rest of 2018 in store that includes more content, platform updates and some surprises along the way. For tutorials on how to navigate the VIBEHub platform, please visit our YouTube channel

Can you feel the VIBE yet?