VIBEHub launches VIBENet: VIBE private chain explorer

VIBEHub is happy to announce the launch of the VIBE private chain explorer named VIBENet. VIBENet is an explorer that displays all transactions made on VIBEHub’s private chain. Similar to Etherscan, VIBENet conveniently displays all transaction hashes generated on the VIBEHub platform.

VIBENet displays all transaction hashes and is equipt with a search functionality that gives users the ability to search individual hashes. Hashes are categorized for avatars, environments, moving VIBE on & off chain and sending VIBE between users on VIBEHubs private chain. Our team is very proud of our off-chain solution that facilitates instant atomic microtransactions with no gas fees. Now our off-chain solution has become official with the VIBENet explorer.

You can acess VIBENet by going to your wallet and clicking the My Transactions icon on the top center of your screen. However, if you don’t have an account on VIBEHub you can easily sign up for free. For those with a registered account, this is the direct link to VIBENet:

Thank you all for your continued support. We look forward to providing the community some great content over the next week during San Francisco Blockchain Week.