VIBEHub, Oculus and Unreal Engine sponsor VRTL Media Summit

VIBEHub is pleased to announce that our team has been invited to the VRTL Media Summit, taking place at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on November 15th. VIBEHub co-founder Alessio Mack will be part of the discussion “Mixed reality experiences go live: What’s next in location-based entertainment.” During this one-day event, VIBEHub will be one of only eight companies with a booth showcasing advanced technology in VR/AR.

Our team believes that this event is the perfect platform to unveil our first person shooter game “VIBE or DIE,” and our advanced VR gaming experience “VIBE Shooter.” By incorporating holograms and integrating the VIBE token into game play, users will see how our gaming experiences are truly on the cutting edge of VR technology. Our own private explorer VIBENet will display all micro transactions made in game play using the VIBE token. Thanks to our private off-chain solution, VIBE is ready for mass adoption by facilitating instant atomic micro-transactions with no gas fees.

The future of entertainment and media on the blockchain has been gaining more and more attention from companies every day. Attending this high profile event is very exciting for VIBE, as we are eager to show everyone what our team has been working on.

The “who’s who” of media and entertainment will be attending the VRTL Summit. Speakers will include representatives from major gaming companies and VC Groups, as well as NBC Universal and the VR/AR division at Google. VIBEHub is a sponsor and media partner of the event, sharing this honor with Oculus, Unreal Engine and the VR/AR association, among others.

Our team is thrilled to be a part of the VRTL Summit and to have the opportunity to showcase our rapidly advancing technology in volumetric video and blockchain.

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