VIBEHub Virtual World v 2.0 set to be released next Thursday!!!

Aug 8 · 2 min read

Hello everyone! The VIBEHub team is proud to announce we will be releasing the new VIBEHub Virtual World on Thursday, August 15th! We released the first VIBEHub Virtual World last September and the time has come to unveil v 2.0!!! There will be many new additions to the new VIBEHub platform. Lets have a look at the new upgrades!

When you enter through desktop/laptop you will be able to access the VIBEHub Virtual World. Exploring scenes, accessing the marketplace, choosing avatars and accessing your Virtual Wallet will now all be done through the VIBEHub Virtual World. You will be able to continuously travel through the Virtual World with our new sleek user interface.

The VIBEHub Virtual World v 2.0 will have a completely new look and feel. Easy to navigate menus and with the experience resembling operating a tablet like an iPad. The user experience will be greatly enhanced with our new user interface.

Like the previous version, VIBEHub v 2.0 will be VR compatible with all VR headsets. When you first enter the Virtual World you can simply connect a VR headset to go into VR mode! If you don’t have a VR headset, not too worry. You can operate and navigate through the VIBEHub Virtual World with any PC or MAC computer. The recommended browser we suggest using is FireFox.

Our team is very excited to make this announcement and unveil the new VIBEHub Virtual World on August 15th, 2019. Stay tuned for updates, more information and sneak peaks!!!

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