The Challenges to Visit Vietnam

If we close our eyes and imagine a long stretching, beautiful, historically and culturally rich and amazing country then we can recall the much known “Vietnam”. Though Vietnam is a safe place to travel, still one should over sprinkle the common sense so that it makes an easy and smooth travel. Generally it has been observed that the over aggressive street vendors really not acceptable for the tourist, tour guides and operators with a bad attitude and non-co-operative measures really drained the minds of the tourists. Lastly the rash driving is really scary for the tourists. However cool head, calm mind and sensible planning one can avoid such problems.

So the major challenge one faced while Vietnam visa on arrival includes four basic steps which is compulsory needed to be fulfilled. The steps include:-

· To fill out the secure online application form and fill in the required personal information in it. It includes the following points like;

Full name as in passport

Date of birth


Passport number

Date of arrival

Type of Visa

· There should be confirmation and payment of the service fee. To ensure correct information it is necessary to double on it. Select to use extra services. Payment can be done with the debit card or credit card or may be via western union.

· Getting the approval letter and prepare for getting the visa stamped on arrival. This can be received after one or two working day and includes following steps to be followed.

Obtain the visa approval letter through the email.

Make a printout of the letter and the entry and exit form.

Fill out the entry and the exit form.

Now prepare the two passport sized photos of specific size is maintained.

Place all other above mentioned things in the package along with the passport and show it to the immigration officer at Vietnam arrival airports

· Get the visa stamped on arrival is the most important and the last step. Upon arrival to Vietnam international airports one is prepared with all things in the prepared package including the passport, visa approval letter, 2 passport sized photos, entry and exit forms and stamping fee to the immigration officer to the visa stamped.

So these may be the following steps that should be fulfilled and accomplished while the Vietnam visa on arrival. To save time limits, one is recommended to use airport fast track service. Some other precautions should be taken including keeping the cash, credit cards and the airline tickets in a safe place. Assure to travel with recommend tour agencies and make a research about the tour agency in internet. Tourist should be dressed well as the Vietnamese are conservative in nature. There have been facilities for the tourists that there are no different formal greetings compared to other western countries. Vendors of Vietnam are always helpful to the tourist to guide them and protect them from any of the disturbances faced. So it can be said that these do’s and don’ts should be followed in order to reduce the challenges faced.For more info visit:

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