WANTED: Smart and driven firecracker to hit the ground running. (Bonus points if you’re funny.)

UPDATE: We had 2,462 visitors to this page, because amazing women circulated it in their networks with other amazing women. Watching this happen completely reinforces for us how crucial our work is, and how many women are eager to be a part of it.

We are reaching out to everyone who has applied; that is how we operate.

Even though we are no longer taking applicants for this particular position, we are always seeking new connections and collaborators. Please spend a few minutes telling us about yourself and your professional dreams. We’d love to work together to make them come true.

The world of work is riddled with gender inequity. This is bad for women, bad for the economy, and bad for innovation.

We are determined to fix it.

About us:
We are a startup based in downtown Toronto, serving North America, overhauling the way women interface with their careers. Founded by Lori McIntosh, VIM & VIXIN is Lori’s response to twenty years of navigating hiring and corporate practices that favored male candidates. Last year Lori walked out of an especially infuriating meeting and told herself “This stops now.”

VIM & VIXIN leverages Lori’s connections and experiences to remove the obstacles between her clients and the lives they want to build. For four months, Lori has been placing women in C-level positions while helping other women launch their businesses. She’s also been telling CEOs hard truths about how to achieve the diversity they say they want, and working with them to create strategies to execute to solve their problems.

There are so many clients who need our support. We’ve got leads to follow up on, research to be done, and ideas to put into action.

That’s where you come in.

About you:
You already have a job, but you feel like you have outgrown it. You have at least two years corporate experience. You recognize problems, and instantly brainstorm solutions. You can admit when you don’t know how to do something, but you can also pick up skills quickly. People come to you with questions they hope you can answer, and usually you can. You love celebrating the successes of other women. You know when to call in a favour. You are looking for the Olivia Pope to your Quinn Perkins. You are ready to close your eyes and jump.

About the work:
This is not an Executive Assistant position. We need someone who can work closely with Lori, as we take VIM & VIXIN past the soft-launch space. This means attending local and international meetings with her, making calls on her behalf, setting clear and measurable steps towards the business’s development, and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Excited by this opportunity? Send your resume to lori@vimandvixin.com, with a cover letter that helps her really get to know you.