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Jul 1 · 1 min read

dear all,

We have been discussing with one of the major companies in Indonesia. We plan to invite them to work together to build the VIMee platform for social media applications with a blockchain base. Some of VIMee’s core teams attend the meeting to attract more investors and build appropriate applications on our whitepaper.

The team attending the meeting;
Adi Hermanto-CEO of VIMee
Yogiariuss Andress-CLO of VIMee
Aam Amelia-CCO from VIMee

Who are the projects with VIMee? How is the result of our meeting? We will update her in our next article as a completeness of this article. Keep track of VIMee’s progress by following the link:



Also, follow our social media, to get updates from the development of the VIMee project:






Telegram Group:

Telegram Ann Channel:

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VIMee is a social network under development on the Waves highspeed blockchain platform that supports community and social interaction with crytocurrency rewards

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