VIMX token are moved to stellar chain!

Greetings Comunity,

A few days ago we had moved the VIMX token from the waves blockchain to stellchain. These are the pastime by the team from VIMee himself to maintain an exlusive cooperation with Blockchainbroker (BCB) and on the advice of some of our investors.

VIMee and BCB will be strategic partners. Upgrades on the BCB platform will bring significant improvements to Vimee and VIMX. We believe BCB will be one of the largest exchanges not only in the Middle East but also around the world.

Stellar Blockchain though is not as fast as the Waves blockchain but is more stable and more popular thus allowing the VIMX to be more competitive and have better value. Stellar is also a top 10 cryptocurrency in Coinmarketcap.

All bounty and airdrop participants will be required to create and submit their Stellar Wallet. All bounty and airdrop participants will be asked to create and send all VIMX holders after the complete migration process may apply to get their VIMX wave replacing the new Stellar VIMX. The token percentage allocation and Airdrop will remain the same.

For issue about VIMee bounty please pm directly @qqwx11 in telegram or join group feel free to ask about VIMee bounty in this group.

For issue about 1st airdrop and 2nd airdrop VIMee please pm directly @taufikarbai in telegram or join airdrop group

If you are one of the winners of a weekly event (best advice) Please PM wallet compatible XLM You @azwaliyah be stripped to get the VIMX token in the stellar platform.

Recommendation on creating XLM compatible wallets in:

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