A Reflection on High School

As June 7th comes closer and closer, I think it’s fair to say that my time at Stanton College Prep is coming to an end. As many look forward to college and rightfully so, I take it as a time to step back, and admire these past four years.

With that being said, before high school becomes a distant memory, I would like to share my memories and regrets going year by year. I’ll make a post going year by year but I would first like to tell you about my high school I attended.

Stanton College Preparatory is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. We’re mostly known for our academic rigour, most notable for out AP/Honors and IB programs. Sports kind of took a back seat to that, which meant we didn’t have your classic “Friday Night Light” feel, and it’s safe to say we didn’t have a state championship football team either. So yes, it’s hard for us to relate to any other kids who had that but, regardless if we didn’t win a game in football or won a dozen games in basketball, I still enjoyed those events.

So yeah, that’s a little background on my school. We’re a diverse group of students who spend way too many hours studying for classes rather than sleep and have had anything but a “normal” high school experience. But, even knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have traded these past years for anything.

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