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Beat the blues and stay efficient after your well-deserved break

7 Steps for Taking Back Control of your Personal Data

Must-have options and advanced methods to keep your personal data safe

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply to all 28 EU member states

And Why You Still Need It

Good old phishing scams

The rise of the digital gold

Simple and effective tips to make team communication more organized and focused

Messengers facilitate productivity, don’t they?

Understanding the technology transforming the future of finance

Is blockchain the Next Big Thing?

A special encrypted communication and collaboration solution designed for managing sensitive content

Legal firms need software for encrypted communications together with special features for maintaining data retention policies. With this experience in mind, we introduced the extended VIPole Enterprise version for lawyers with a number of features specially designed for smart confidential information management and restricting access.

for safeguarding privacy and business critical data


Secure messaging, calling, file sharing and videoconferecing solutions for individuals, teams and enterprises.

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