VIRTUE Gallery presents: Remember when…

Jess illustrates moments of female togetherness.

3 min readAug 1, 2018

By Jessica Saesue

You know me as Jess, the designer who stays hunched over her giant screen, glossing up your presentations. But I also draw during my free time.

When I’m not playing with typography or meticulously aligning things in keynote, I draw black and white vignettes of all things “Girl Talk.” Because in my world, “Ladies are Heroes.”

Women are fun to draw because they are shapely. Their curves, paired with their body language, tell very rich stories. Their physique is more expressive, more playful and more mysterious than men. Continuous, fluid lines… Shapes… Curves… Strokes… I find these oddly satisfying to replicate, and actually very meditative, too.

And because women are always seen in clusters, the shapes become more graphic, and more woodblock like. By using big strokes and lines, I can create a contrast between dark and light, therefore further harmonizing, movement and proportions.

One captured moment says a lot, and easily pulls you into their sisterhood narrative and the overarching theme of togetherness. And when women see the piece, these moments feel relatable — almost like inside jokes.

I put these scenarios — pen to paper — in black and white, and in under two minutes — as soon as they flash through my mind.

I don’t overthink it — I just draw.

My sole purpose is to express my creativity in an outlet that is fully my own. One filled with creative freedom. No brief, no design restrictions. It’s purely expressive. and that’s instantly gratifying for me. I want a finished piece of art that’s done ASAP so I can move on.

It’s not precious, and there’s no overthinking. Just creative purging, and a moment of art for myself.

It’s my favorite escape. Then it’s back to reality.

Jessica Saesue

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