An App a day #1

The inaugural platform I will be taking you through today is…!

“Listly is the simplest way to create, curate and publish useful lists. Collect links and media for research. Collaborate with friends. Share your interests. Publish lists on your blog or website.”

This platform was founded in 2011. It appears to be a platform used by early-adopter bloggers who enjoyed... making lists.

Getting started

You need to sign up to start creating lists. They have conveniently given you the option to use your various social media channels to create a seamless sign up process.

Once you click on make a list, Step 1 is pretty simple:

Step 1: Title, layout, description & SEO tags

I’ve gone with a simple layout for my list for the sake of time. There is a [pro] version which gives you more options for layouts. The options you are given once choosing the layout are pretty standard:

Plain text gives you the option of a title, feature image, description and optional SEO tags. As I’m working through this platform, I’m noticing that this is less of a Buzzfeed list platform and more of a collection of things you find across the internet. The one example in their tutorial video is a list of the author’s favourite cookie recipes. Their list consisted of links to various recipes.

Creating a plain text entry is rather tedious. Bullet points are not intuitive and need to be added manually for each paragraph. The description also uses HTML display for the type. This is not very accommodating for anybody who is not tech savvy and just wants to create a beautiful list.

Confusing, confusing, confusing… I created my list, thinking that logically my first entry would be ranked at number 1. I was incorrect. You have to work backwards when creating your entries. (ok, nevermind. When I saved the overall list they inverted the order again.. so confusing). Each item is also its own entry, meaning that you can comment on each of them and not a list as a whole.

Once I finished my list, I noticed that the image I inserted into one of the entries published in thumbnail size.

Overall, I’m not seeing this as a useful platform for a brand to use, unless it specifically centres around content curation in this exact form.

After doing a quick search of the platform, it seems one cool feature it has is that you can sync your Twitter account, then create a list from your Twitter lists. This is useful if you have really well curated Twitter lists that you’d like to share with more people.

Here’s the list I created: Top 3 Uses For Listly

So in summary:

Is it easy to join?

Is it mobile friendly and does it flow seamlessly onto desktop?
It has a mobile app, which is well designed and has a similar look to Instagram on the profile, then the ‘timeline’ of lists scrolls like a typical news app. Creating lists on mobile is simple and an easy process.

Will this work in South Africa and can it scale?
No and no. This platform is not beneficial for any brands in SA. Creating content on this platform is tedious, and the user base is not big enough to expand your following. This means that spending more time creating lists will not result in better reach of your content.

Which industries would benefit by using this platform?
Moms and interior designers. I see this as more of a Pinterest type platform where you are just curating and saving links.

Can this form part of your digital architecture?
That’s a solid no. But then again, it’s up to you. There is always a niche market somewhere or somebody who will figure out how these exact features can be used to their benefit. So if you are one of those visionaries then, by all means, go ahead and get started today!