Mahatma Gandhi’s Quotes : How can we apply to business?

Originally published on (Gandhi’s birth anniversary) Oct 2, 2015 on LinkedIn

Mahatma Gandhi’s 146th birth anniversary is today (October 2). Born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, he went to become Mahatma meaning “Great Soul”. Gandhiji’s influence stems from my school days as I did most of my schooling near Gandhi Ashram (Sabarmati). On the occasion of his birth anniversary, I tried to pull few of his quotes that have immense influence of my work life as well. Hope you find it useful to your own self and business.

Never give up….

Find your inner self when it comes to work…

My favorite quote on how to treat customer which I always have at my desk (right above the phone — helps in cold calling and talking to customers…).

This is the quote that I try to live by, day in and out. I do have a t shirt with this quote printed.

Stay and think positive..

Be a change agent at work, implement the 3 pillars — passion, perseverance and positivity to your daily work to treat stakeholders with a service attitude and excellence.

Vijay Seshadri leads client relationships and partnerships at Mobius Logic. In spare, tinkers with a co founder to build products. Vijay volunteers forEurekachild, an AID initiative (a Gandhian philosophy Non Profit).