#20 Ox and Donkey

Ox and Donkey left their homes to make their own way in the world. Being cold and tired, the first task each set out for themselves was to build a shelter in which to live. Donkey gathered what sticks he could find and hastily constructed a small home. That night he slept comfortably, while Ox, having decided to work slowly and build a strong home, still worked. Cold and uncomfortable, Ox slept in the open air every night, while Donkey rested in the comfort of his shanty. The day came when Ox finished his home. It was sturdy and strong, and no rain leaked through the roof. “A fine home you’ve built, Ox,” said Donkey, “But, mine has given me comfort these days already, and you are only now benefitting from your work. What do you have to say about those many nights wasted?” But, before Ox could answer, Donkey’s house collapsed came down on top of his head, and he spent the night in the cold rain.

Jeso, Woodreach, y. 72 Letter 12