Mum On The Run

Today I’m Wheelie Wheelie sad.

Don’t be put off by the bad mum pun – in all seriousness I genuinely feel like I’ve lost a vital organ since leaving ‘Wheelie Fit Mums’ – my weekly buggy & baby class.

And no this isn’t an i'm-a-mum-pretending-to-be-doing-fitness-but-as-soon-as-it-finishes-we-hit-the-cake Blog.

After almost a year of running, squatting & star jumping in public with any shifty man, dog or swan to see I will truly miss my Pink Army.

Why the tears?

It’s more than a class – it restores confidence alongside fitness, it unites women and builds friendships. And because Bernadette has truly got the recipe sorted – Not only for her dark-eyed, pale-faced, hysterical, delirious Mums with our ‘It’ll all be fine’ manic smile on their faces … But also for her screaming/napping/feeding/perplexed babies:

  • Fresh air which is second to Gin for revitalising mums & also serves to knock out the babies (as Gin’s not allowed)
  • An informed experienced and qualified instructor, B is a midwife & personal trainer – so totally gets our issues – from having to wear three bras to keep them up to having to dash off for a pee! Whether you have to stop on a bench to feed you baby or hold them mid-25th sit-up!
  • A group of women who instantly feel comfortable in the sisterhood and confident they can & will achieve
  • A class which stretches and challenges you – just because we’re mums doesn’t mean we can’t Go For It – why does a mums buggy class have to be lame ?! B’s Aim – to return us to our full ‘normal’ fitness regime. B’s strap line – YES YOU CAN! And ‘You’re my Inspiration !’

So today’s the day I’ve wheelie been dreading because Wheelie Fit Mums has become so engrained in both mine and J’s life and weekly routine and for that, I don’t think B knows just what impact she has on mums like me.

So now I’ve returned to fitness I’m off to Run Like a Mum….

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