Verv calls for the UK govt. to create an International Centre for AI, Energy and Climate


In the wake of the UK committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050, Verv has signed a letter which calls for the UK government to create an International Centre for AI, Energy and Climate. The aim is for the government to develop AI-friendly policy frameworks and data access in order to ensure AI is being used for the public good.

Signed by 27 of the industry’s leading energy groups, the goal is to raise awareness that bold and urgent actions are required from everyone, including the UK government, in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

Like Verv, where AI and data are at the core of what we do, many large energy organisations understand that artificial intelligence is essential to managing the energy system and all of the data that comes with it including renewables, electric vehicles and battery storage.

We are proud to say that London has an established position as one of the strongest and largest AI communities in the world (750+ AI companies) and the initiatives underway in the energy sector are no doubt exciting. With the highly regulated nature of energy systems creating barriers for AI application, however, government support is more important than ever.

Creating an AI Centre would have many benefits for the UK, working as a base to address challenges, educate organisations, cultivate innovation and knowledge-sharing, advise the government on AI-friendly frameworks and data access, and provide funding to accelerate deployment.

AI is present in so many products including Siri, Netflix and Facebook — it is becoming more prolific in our everyday lives, even if we don’t notice it. It’s time to start reaping the benefits for the energy system and for the planet.

You can read the full letter penned to the government here, and please support us in raising awareness for the positive impact that AI could have in our fight against climate change! Peer-to-peer energy trading is just one example of technology that can reduce emissions through AI but the opportunities are endless.


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