Verv hosting 6th European Workshop on Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring in Greece

Sep 11 · 3 min read

We’re pleased to announce that The European NILM Workshop, now in its sixth year running, is taking place from the 1st — 2nd October 2019. The workshop invites researchers that are working on the topic of energy disaggregation (the breakdown of energy signals) in both academic and industry to a two-day conference, which this year will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) is the process of analysing energy signals going into the home and determining which appliances are being used, along with their individual energy consumption.

We founded the NILM Workshop six years ago with our partners when we realised the lack of shared knowledge within the field. We wanted to provide a forum for those with knowledge of NILM to share expertise and collaborate, ensuring that existing knowledge was built upon to avoid duplicating work and help accelerate our learnings.

Today, the NILM workshop is attended by academic researchers and those working in the field including British Gas, Net2Grid, Quby and Discovergy.

NILM is a field that Verv has operated in for a long time. Teamed with advanced AI and Machine Learning, NILM technology is key to our offering. The Verv smart hub uses NILM to acquire data up to 5 million times faster than regular smart meters. These technologies allow us to identify individual appliances, determine their real-time cost and consumption, and provide consumers with insights into their usage and spend not previously possible. Not to mention the opportunities that this granular data opens up for providing on/off safety alerts for heated appliances and predictive maintenance for white goods.

A recurring theme after years of running the workshops was the lack of data available for those working on NILM in order to test their theories and conduct research. So, three years ago we launched the NILM Wiki ( and invited all NILM attendees to share datasets and list out those who were operating within the field in both academia and industry.

It’s been great to see the increased interest for collaboration in NILM technology over the years and this has certainly been reflected in the size of our workshop. This year we are set to attract over 150 attendees including 25 speakers, a number of exhibitors and presentations from multiple attendees! Amongst a great line-up of speakers from the space, our CEO Peter Davies will present at the workshop. Peter will discuss Verv’s most recent development, the Verv Connect, a plug which uses high-speed data for energy monitoring, on/off control, DSR and predictive maintenance.

Tickets for the workshop are still available here:

We look forward to seeing everyone in Greece!


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