VMC Update: Building the ultimate mobility platform 🚌

Welcome to the first edition of the official VMC update. In this update you can find out more about our beta release, partnerships and events we attended. We also look forward to the upcoming months.

We hope you enjoy the update!

-The VMC team

Blockchain bus pilot to start in November

The Netherlands will be the first country to have an active bus line powered by the VMC CORE Blockchain technology. The total of 12 buses are equipped with VMC hardware terminals and VMC wallets, allowing them to receive VAI coins from VMC’s first users. These will be able to download an app, load their wallet with tokens and to check in and out while travelling. The pilot is the first test phase of a bigger project whereby buses, bikes, trams and trains will be connected to the VMC blockchain. Follow us on our socials to stay up to date. Read more about the blockchain bus and how VMC speeds up the Mobility as a Service landscape.

Mobotiq + VMC

Mobotiq is the first peer-to-peer mobility operator that integrates specifically designed, autonomous pods: safe, comfortable, door-to-door individual transportation. Mobotiq blends supply and demand in one ecosystem, by providing a platform for peers to become prosumers: not only users but also investors, designers, makers. It is a blockchain enabled, tokenized meritocracy, designed as an exponentially scalable platform that empowers peers to collaborate, add value and build business. It is very obvious that Mobotiq and VMC share the same ideals. Together we will explore integration possibilities. More details will be announced later. 
Find out more about Mobotiq.

SwheelS2Go + VMC

SwheelS2Go is a Dutch startup that offers small electric scooters as a service. Shweels2Go will use our technology to let people discover, book and pay for using their e-scooters. Using VMC gives SwheelS2Go the possibility to easily cooperate with other mobility providers. SwheelS2Go will launch in March 2019. Read more about this partnership.

The team is growing

In order to realise our ambitions we are continuously focusing on expanding the team. In the past month we hired 5 new team members; Catalina (marketing), Mauro (design), Giorgos (developer), Ilias (developer), and Fabian (developer)! We are very excited to have them on board and built the future of mobility together!

VMC is going places!

Recently we attended the Autonomy event in Paris and we were asked to present at a fintech event in Singapore. Both events were a huge success and brought us many new introductions. In the coming months we are going to attend even more events. If you are around, let us know and come say hello!

Smart City Expo in Barcelona

The leading international event on urban development (Smart City Expo) is hosting an event in Barcelona from the 13 until the 15th of November. VMC will be honored to take part and talk about pressing mobility and sustainability issues.

Volvo pitch contest in Lisbon

VMC is one of the companies that got selected to present their business case in a pitch contest hosted by Volvo.

Trade mission in Singapore

VMC is invited by the Dutch government to participate in a trade mission for innovation in Singapore which will take place from 12 till 16 November. We will investigate local business opportunities, explore new connections for cooperation, visit the Singapore FinTech festival and visit various Singaporean blockchain related companies We are also invited to speak at SG Innovate, the leading incubator of Singapore.

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